65th FCCLA Conference and Luncheon

All A&A members received a 65th conference collector pin.

Ohio Alumni & Associates participated in the 65th State Leadership Conference on Friday, April 16 at the Celeste Center at the Ohio State Fair grounds.  President, Bev Foutz, gave remarks and all A&A members present were introduced on stage by eras:  1945-1960, 1961-1980, 1981-2000, and 2001-present. 

Seven former state presidents were present and introduced, including our very first state president, Carolyn Ray Myers who served from 1945-1946 when she was a sophomore in high school from Batavia Township.  Carolyn's mother was also the first "State Mom."  She has been married for 63 years and still resides in Bativia, Ohio.  We were so honored to have her and her family present for this gala Celebration of Leadership.

A power point of historical highlights was also shown.  The one shown at conference had music representing each decade to go along with it.  You may view the power point from the Home Page, as well as see a listing of all participants present by eras at the bottom of this page.  Check out the photos to see what a wonderful reunion we had!



                      Carolyn & Paul Myers                                2006-07 SEC Megan, Melissa, John, Casey


     Iris Raines, Bev Foutz 71-72 & Aaron Borchers 99-00         Adel Reigel & Poppy Collins


Part of the Historical Display


              Carrie Kinninger Stott 1998-99                                                 Brennyn Butler 2008-09

                Holly Jessee Taylor 99-20000                                  



  Maggi Payne & Hannah Faulkner 07-08


           Donnette Segner  1965  New Member                         Phil Foutz, Treas. sets up for  "Leadership Hwy. 65 Walk"

                      (Paulette Farago's Sister)



 Vidal Cruz  Lifetime Member 1989-90                            Mary K. Miller & Relda Smith, Retired Advisers

                                                              New Lifetime Members



  Rachel Lucas 2003-04



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