Death of First State President of FHA (1946)

Ohio FHA/FCCLA A&A members mourn the passing of our first State President, Carolyn Ray Myers  She departed this earth May 26, 2013.  From Batavia, Ohio, her mother was our first State Mother.  Ohio welcomed Carolyn to the State Leadership Conference in 2010 to celebrate our 65th Anniversary.  She attended with her daughter Ann and her husband of 66 years, Paul.  Her memory will forever be etched in the history of this fine organization.

                Death of Lindsey Platfoot...
                  Past State President & National FCCLA Officer

Lindsey Platfoot met with her untimely death on Friday, November 29, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio.  Lindsey was a member of the Anna High School FCCLA Chapter.  Her Adviser was Brenda Wuebker.  Lindsey was State VP of STAR Events & Achievement 2006-07, State President 2007-08, and National VP of Development in 2008-09.  She had a special way of inspiring people of all ages with her beautiful smile and positive attitude.  Lindsey was quite a role model for so many younger members of our organization who looked to her for guidance and direction.  We will miss you, Lindsey.  Rest in peace.  (pictured below is Lindsey in red jacket.)
The first annual Lindsey Platfoot FCCLA Scholarship was awarded to Lindsey Schneider of Botkins High School in the amount of $500.  The scholarship is based on the Endowment donation of $10,000 that was given by Clifford Collins.  Lindsey was a 2012-13 State Officer and a 2013-14 National FCCLA Officer.  She met the criteria for the scholarship because like Lindsey Platfoot, she embodies the spirit and love for the FCCLA organization.  Congratulations Lindsey Schneider!