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 ToT Lifetime Members

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The following are Lifetime members:

Phil Foutz

Beverly Blakley Foutz*

Carol Burrey

LeRose Meadows

Pat Fuller

Kim Root

Becky Berling

Kathleen Funkhouser

Amber Napier Finck

Rosanna Chambers

Chris Baldwin

Angela Jordan Rosteet*

Marjory Peters (deceased)

Adel Riegel (Past State Adviser)**

Clifford Collins**

A. Lucretia Thomas

Nancy McIlvanie

Darlene Chafin

Brenda Dixon

Gladys Leatherwood

Paulette Farago (Past State Adviser)

Linda Erdy

Karen Richardson

Brenda Nie

Christy Collins*

Pam Cormany

Gloria Harms

Mary Jo Kohl (Current State Adviser)

Denise Schaefer

Sarita Fenn

Lindsay Meyer

Margie Haehn

Jane King

Megan Thiery*

Hannah Faulkner*

Mary Kay Miller

Vidal Cruz*

Teresa Nuzum

Pam Thompson

Ashley Holthaus*

Susan Lengerich

Melissa Vannest*

Tricia Alexander*

Diane Pleiman

Beth Judy*

Rita Hollenbacher

Leo Almeida*

Krystina Faull

Lois Stoll

Catherine Steinhauser

Brenynn Butler*

Leah Norris

Martha Boggs

Cortney Bergbigler

Holly Vining

Alissa Belna*

Dr. Jane Vickers

Joan Garrett*

Carrie Kinniger Stott*

Elizabeth Pleiman*

*Denotes former state officer **Denotes National Honorary FCCLA    Member