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New Officers to be elected in April at the 2017 State Leadership Conference

Term:  2017-2019

5 Positions available:

*President *Vice President

*Secretary *Treasurer

*VP Promotions/Sales

Applications Due April 3

Officer Application Click Here

Click to get Duties for each Officer Position:

President's Duties

Vice President's Duties

Secretary's Duties

Treasurer's Duties

VP Merchandising & Promotional

Welcome to Ohio FCCLA Alumni & Associates

          $3000 in Adviser Grants Awarded:

*Christy Hampton    Adena FCCLA

*Jennifer Demcyzk    Black River FCCLA

*Morgan Phillips    Circleville High FCCLA

*Joan Garrett   Eastern FCCLA

*Laura Falk    Fairbanks FCCLA

*Charlotte Gifford    Georgetown FCCLA

Congratulations to these advisers! 

Good Luck to your students and to all members competing in San Diego in July!

Bring home the GOLD!

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$10,000.00 Donation made to Ohio FCCLA A&A from Mr. Clifford "Poppy" Collins

At the June 13, 2013 meeting of the Board of Directors in Dublin, Ohio,  Clifford Collins, more affectionately known as "Poppy" to members all over the nation, made a generous contribution to the FHA/FCCLA Alumni & Associates organization.  Poppy has been a vital part of the organization for the better part of forty years.

Clifford embodies what the organization is all about.  He and his family (3 generations) have been active in the FHA/FCCLA organization.  He and Barbara served as State Parents from 1973-75, his two daughters, Nancy and Christy, served as state officers, his grandson, Brian Vannest became a national officer and his grand-daughter, Melissa Vannest was a national officer candidate.  His daughter, Nancy recently retired from teaching FCS/FCCLA Advising for over 30 years.

Ohio Alumni & Associates wish to send out a huge "Thank You" to Poppy for his donation and continued support.



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A&A Reception at the 70th State Leadership Conference

(More photos on 2015 SLC Page)